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Origin: Sweden
Region Origin: Northern Europe

Therese is a feminine name of French origin, meaning "the harvester" or "late summer". It is derived from the Greek word "therízō," which means "to harvest" or "theros," translating to "summer". The name has many spelling variations, including Greek Terese, Theresa, and Tessa. Although Therese is a classic name dating back to the 5th century, it remains popular and youthful, making it an ideal choice for babies born during the summertime. Some nicknames for Therese include Terry, Tessa, Tess, Resa, and Reese. The name Therese has a rich history and cultural background. It originates in the Iberian Peninsula in late antiquity, with its derivation being uncertain. However, it is believed to be derived either from the Greek word "therízō" (to harvest or reap) or from "theros" (summer). The name gained popularity outside of Iberia due to saints like Teresa of Ávila and Thérèse of Lisieux, as well as Mother Teresa.

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