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Origin: Bulgaria
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Tania is a name derived from Tatiana or Titania, which means "fairy queen". It is of Russian origin and has also been found in Irish folklore as Titania, Queen of the Fairies. The name has a magical or mystic aura about it, making it a suitable choice for those who believe their baby has a special connection to the magical world. In addition to its Russian origin, Tania has Slavic roots and has been used as both a nickname and an individual name. The name's original form, Tatiana, is derived from the Latin name Tatius, which was the name of a legendary ruler, King Titus Tatius, a Roman ruler during the 8th century BC. The name Tatiana became the feminine form of the Roman family clan name Tatius. Over time, Tania has evolved as an abbreviation of Tatiana and has become a popular name in its own right, with various alternative spellings and nicknames.

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