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Origin: Ukraine
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Natasha is a girl's name of Russian origin, meaning "born on Christmas day" or "birthday of the Lord". It is derived from the Russian name Natalia, which has deep roots in Slavic traditions and connections to Latin origins. The name Natasha has gained popularity in the English-speaking world since the 20th century and is associated with famous people such as actress Natasha Richardson and the character Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel Universe. The name Natasha has a rich history across different cultures, with variations in spelling and pronunciation. It is pronounced as 'na-TAHSH-a' or 'nu-TA-sha'. Some spelling variations include Natisha in African American, Nata in Georgian, Natalina in Portuguese, and Nathalie in Swedish. The name first gained attention in literature through Leo Tolstoy's classic novel, War and Peace, featuring a character named Natasha.

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