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Origin: Denmark
Region Origin: Northern Europe

Susan is a girl's name of Hebrew origin, meaning "lily" or "lotus flower". It is derived from the Hebrew word "Shushannah," which translates to "lily of the valley". The name has its roots in Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Latin, making it a timeless Mediterranean name. The origin of the name Susan can be traced back to the Egyptian word "zššn," which was later adopted by the Hebrew language and transformed into "Shoshan," meaning "lily". In ancient Egypt, this name was relatively common for males, and during the 7th Century Rashidun conquest of Egypt, the sound evolved into "šōšen" in the Coptic language. The name Susan has many variations, such as Susanna, Susannah, Suzana, Suzannah, and Sousan. Common nicknames for Susan include Sue, Susie, Susi, Suzi, Suzy, Suzie, Suze, Sanna, Suzie, Sookie, Sukie, Subo, Suus, and Shanti.

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