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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

The name Renae is a French/Latin feminine given name, a variation of Renée. It means "reborn" or "born again" and has its roots in the Latin name Renatus. The name is closely related to the Christian concept of being spiritually born again through baptism, which was greatly associated with the practice of transforming through blessed waters. The origins of the name Renae can be traced back to the late Roman name Renatus, which has been used for many years, particularly since the early Christian Church. The name has several variations based on different cultures and languages, such as Renata, Renáta, Renée, Renia, and Renāte. Although it is a variant of the name Renée, the specific spelling Renae might be considered a more modern adaptation or variation of the name. Overall, Renae is a name that can be considered both modern and traditional, offering a refreshing twist to a long-established title.

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