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Origin: Switzerland
Region Origin: Western Europe

Olivia is a Latin name that means "olive tree". It is derived from the Latin word "oliva," which also means "olive". The name Olivia is frequently used as a girl's name and has been popularized in 17th-century England by William Shakespeare, who used the name for a character in his play Twelfth Night. The play, a romantic comedy, features a Countess Olivia who is both wealthy and beautiful. In Greek mythology, olive trees are symbols of peace and friendship, leading to the popular term "to extend an olive branch" as a sign of reconciliation. The name Olivia is the feminine form of Oliver, a British boy's name. The name is popular across English-speaking countries and has variations such as Alivia, Alyvia, and Elivia. Some common nicknames for Olivia include Libby, Liv, Livvy, and Loly.

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