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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Maxine is a feminine name of Latin origin, meaning "greatest". It is the female counterpart of the name Max, which is derived from the Latin name Maximus, also meaning "the greatest". The name Maxine gained popularity in the early 20th century. The name's meaning is associated with the Latin word "maximus," which translates to "the greatest" or "the most". The name Maxine is known for its association with various Christian figures and scholars, most notably Maximus the Theologian, also known as Maximus of Constantinople or Maximus the Confessor. He was a Christian scholar, monk, and theologian, revered in both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. In addition, Maxine might also have gained some initial popularity due to celebrities like Maxine Andrews of the Andrew Sisters. The name Maxine can be shortened to nicknames such as Max or Maxie.

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