Pronunciation: le-ho-hne-e-e
Origin: France

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor on all things parenthood.
Region Origin: Western Europe

Leonie, or Léonie, is a Latin-origin feminine given name meaning "lioness". It is derived from the masculine personal name Leon, which means "lion". The name Leonie evolved to Léonie in France and is rare as a surname. The name Leonie has its roots in Latin and is associated with the meaning 'lioness'. It is a feminine form of the Dutch and German name Leonius and is also a variant of the French name Léonie. The name has other spelling variations, including Leon, Leoni, Leona, Leone, Leonelli, and Leonetti. Leonie is pronounced differently in German and Dutch, and it is also spelled as Léonie in French and Leonia in Late Roman.

Leonie Name Popularity Data

chat-overall Overall: Leonie is currently #663 on Kiindred
gender-female Girl: Leonie is currently #353 on Kiindred Girl Names
gender-male Overall Unique: Leonie is currently #654 on Kiindred Unique Names
gender-female Girl Unique: Leonie is currently #351 on Kiindred Girl Unique Names

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Famous People Named Leonie

  • Leonie Hemsworth: Leonie Hemsworth is the mother of Australian actors Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, and Luke Hemsworth.