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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Lawrence is a masculine given name that has its origins in the Middle English and Old French personal name Lorens or Laurence, which is derived from the Latin name Laurentius. The Latin name Laurentius is associated with the city of Laurentum in Italy, which was named after its laurels or bay trees. The name Lawrence has been symbolic of victory, with laurel being a Roman symbol of triumph. As an English and Scottish surname, Lawrence is derived from the given name Laurence, which is itself derived from the Latin Laurentius. The surname can be either patronymic, indicating someone who is the son or descendant of someone named Lawrence, or geographic, referring to someone who hails from one of the many places named 'St. Lawrence'. The name Lawrence has been borne by notable individuals from various fields, including saints, military personnel, and actors.

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