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Origin: Sweden
Region Origin: Northern Europe

The name Jonathan is derived from two Hebrew elements: 'yeho,' which refers to the Hebrew God, and 'natan,' meaning "to give". The name means "God has given" or "gift of God". It first appeared in the Old Testament of the Bible, where Jonathan was the eldest son of King Saul and a close friend and ally of David, who later became King David. Their bond is often seen as a symbol of loyalty and friendship. The name became popular in England after the Protestant Reformation. Variants of the name Jonathan include Jonatan, Jónatan, and Yonatan, while nicknames like Johnny, Jonny, John, and Jon can also be used. The name has been borne by notable figures such as Jonathan Swift, a satirist and author of works like "Gulliver's Travels", and Jonathan Brandis, an actor.

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