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Origin: Taiwan, Province of China
Region Origin: Eastern Asia

The name Jayden is a gender-neutral name with Hebrew origins, meaning "thankful" and "God will judge". It is a modernized version of the Biblical name Jadon, which appeared in the Hebrew Scriptures as a figure who helped rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. The name became popular in the 1990s and is a combination of the "Jay" sound from the name Jason and the -den ending present in names like Braden and Hayden. While the name has age-old biblical ties, it is also considered a stylish and contemporary choice, and has been popular in Hollywood, with celebrities like Britney Spears and Will and Jada Smith choosing the name for their children. The origin of the name Jayden can be traced back to the Hebrew-derived name Jadon, which means "he will judge". However, it is likely that Jayden is a modern creation that combines popular names from the mid-to-late 1900s, such as Jason, Braden, and Hayden. The name Jayden first appeared on the Social Security Administration records in 1994 and gained popularity in the following years.

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