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Origin: Switzerland
Region Origin: Western Europe

Heidi is a Germanic feminine given name that gained international popularity due to the Swiss children's book, Heidi. The name can sometimes be an affectionate diminutive of Adelheid (English: 'Adelaide'), which means "nobility" or more loosely, "of noble birth". Heidi is also used as a diminutive for other names, such as Heidrun, Heidelinde, and Heidemarie. The name Heidi originates from the German word "Heide," which means "noble kind" or "of a good family". The popularity of the name in English-speaking countries can be traced back to the 1937 Shirley Temple movie adaptation of the Swiss children's book, Heidi. The story features an adventurous and fearless little girl named Heidi, who has forever ingrained her Alpine image into the name. Today, Heidi remains a beloved name that captures the essence of nobility and adventure.

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