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Origin: Korea, Republic of
Region Origin: Eastern Asia

The name Kim is a unisex name with multiple origins and meanings. It is derived from the Old English word "cumb," which means "royal fortress" or "meadow". In Anglo-Saxon, the name Kim means "noble or brave". Additionally, Kim is the diminutive of Kimball, a common surname and a rare male-given name in the English language. The name has different meanings depending on its origins: it means "war chief" in Old Welsh, in Old Celtic, it means "leader of the men," and in Anglo-Saxon, it means "leader of the warriors". Kim also has a Korean origin, where it is a common surname and given name, signifying "gold". The name's origins can be traced to the Silla dynasty and the Gaya confederacy, ancient kingdoms in the Korean peninsula. When these kingdoms became one, the last name Kim became very popular. The name Kim is used as a given name in several countries, including Australia, Belgium, and the US. In Australia, Kim ranked among the top 1000 names until 1984, whereas in Belgium, the name was among the most popular until 2001. Kim was a popular boy's name in the US between 1940-1985.

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