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Origin: Cote D'Ivoire
Region Origin: Western Africa

The name Brock has its origins in English, Scottish, and North German and is derived from the Old English word "brocc," which means "badger". The name is often used as a surname, and it can also be a given name for males. The meaning of the name is associated with the animal badger, which is known for its determination and unwavering mindset. People with this name are thought to resemble a badger, possibly due to a stripe of white hair or other physical traits. The name Brock can also have other meanings and origins. In South German, it is a nickname for a stout and strong man, derived from Middle High German "brocke," meaning "lump piece". In North German, it is a topographic name for someone who lived near a marsh or a water meadow. Additionally, Brock can be a variation of the surname Brook, which is common among North German, Dutch, and Jewish families. The name might also have originated from the Old French term "broque". In the Jewish language, Brock could be an acronymic surname, coming from the first letters of Hebrew "ben rabi," meaning "son of a rabbi".

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