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Origin: Netherlands
Region Origin: Western Europe

Ellie is a short and sweet name that has its origins in English and French, and it means "light". The name first gained popularity in the United Kingdom as a nickname for Ellen or Eleanor. However, Ellie is also a variation of the Greek name Helen, which also means "light". In Greek mythology, Ellie, or Helle, was the daughter of Athamas and Nephele and a Boeotian princess. In addition to its Greek and French origins, Ellie is also derived from the Hebrew words "el," meaning "God," and "or," meaning "light". This combination results in the meaning "God is my light". The name Ellie is pronounced as "ell-ee" and is traditionally a female name. It is very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, with various nicknames such as El, Els, and Ella.

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