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Origin: France
Region Origin: Western Europe

Dylan is a given name and surname of Welsh origin, meaning "son of the sea" or "born from the ocean". The name is derived from the Welsh words "dy," which means great, and "llanw," which means flow. In Welsh mythology, Dylan Ail Don was a character who was the god of the sea, and the popularity of Dylan as a given name in modern times is largely attributed to the poet Dylan Thomas. The name Dylan has its roots in Welsh mythology, where Dylan was the god of the sea and the son of Arianrhod and Lleu Llaw Gyffes. In the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi, Dylan is mentioned as a son of Arianrhod, and after being baptized, he immediately took to the sea, where he could swim as well as a fish. The name Dylan gained further popularity due to the legendary Welsh poet and singer Dylan Thomas, and later through the singer Bob Dylan, born Robert Zimmerman, who adopted his stage surname from the poet's given name. In 2010, Dylan was the most popular Welsh name given to boys in Wales.

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