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Origin: Azerbaijan
Region Origin: Western Asia

Callum is a Scottish Gaelic name that commemorates the Latin name Columba, meaning 'dove'. The name was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of purity, peace, and the Holy Spirit. St. Columba, also known as Colmcille, was an Irish abbot who spread Christianity to present-day Scotland and founded the abbey. The name Callum is derived from Colomba, which is the Latin name of Colmcille. Today, Callum remains a popular name, especially in Scotland, where it was the 60th most popular name in 2022. The name Callum has its origins in the Scottish name MacCallum, which is derived from the Latin word "Columba," meaning 'dove'. The full form of the name was used up until the 17th century. In different religions or traditions, the dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and embodies true love, purity, peace, hope, and freedom. The name Callum means 'dove' or 'one who is peaceful' and is associated with someone who is gentle, kind, and nurturing.

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