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Origin: Romania
Region Origin: Eastern Europe

Bianca is a feminine given name of Italian origin, meaning "white" or "pure". It is commonly associated with the winter season and the innocence of youth. The name Bianca is derived from the Latin word "blancus," which means "white". It is also an Italian cognate of the French term "Blanche," which means "white" or "pale". Some consider it a shortened form of Biancalana, particularly in Tuscany, which means "white wool". This name has flourished in countries like Brazil, Romania, and Germany. The origin of the name Bianca can be traced back to Italy, where it has historical significance representing purity and innocence. The name has been popularized in various forms of media, such as in the works of English playwright William Shakespeare, where it is associated with the fictional princess Blanche, meaning "fair". Today, Bianca is a popular name worldwide, with variations in different languages and cultures.

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