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Origin: Liberia
Region Origin: Western Africa

Hallie, a name with English origins, is derived from the Old English words "heal" and "lēah," which mean "hall" and "clearing" or "meadow". It is a gender-neutral name, although more commonly known as a girl name, and has British, German, and Scandinavian connections. The name's meaning can be interpreted as "dweller at the meadow," "praise the Lord," or "home ruler". In addition to its English roots, Hallie may also have Greek origins, where it means "hay meadow" or "heroine". The name has been embraced by numerous cultures and languages, with popular variations such as Hattie, Hatty, Jindřiška, Jette, Henriette, Henrietta, and Enrica. Hallie has also been featured in fictional works, with characters in series like Rita Rocks, Dark Shadows, and The Parent Trap, as well as the Marvel comic series Jolt. Overall, Hallie is a unique, lovely, and meaningful name with a rich history and a variety of possible origins.

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