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Origin: United Arab Emirates
Region Origin: Western Asia

Aisha is a feminine name of Arabic origin, meaning "alive and well". It is especially popular among Muslim families, as it shares its name with the third wife of the prophet Muhammad. The name Aisha has several variations, including Ayesha and Aishah. Apart from its religious significance, the name Aisha is also associated with the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and has been used in popular culture, such as in the song "Aicha" by Algerian singer Khaled. The name Aisha has a rich background, with its origins in the Arabic language and the Islamic faith. It has been adopted by various cultures and languages, and its popularity has been boosted by notable figures who have carried the name, such as Princess Aisha of Jordan and the wife of the Mughal Emperor Babur. The name's meaning, "alive and well," is further emphasized by its association with the "Mother of Believers," a title given to Aisha, the wife of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. With such a significant cultural and religious background, the name Aisha continues to be a popular choice for Muslim families worldwide.

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