Suneera Singh

Suneera has done her majors in Psychology along with her Masters in Business Administration. She is an entrepreneur and an avid traveller. With vast knowledge on varied topics she loves sharing her experiences by writing and editing for publishers.

Articles written by Suneera

Health & Wellness
Navigating the risks and benefits of using antidepressants during pregnancy
There is no question antidepressants can help individuals lead healthier and happier lives, but for many women navigating depression, deciding to hit the pause button on their medication when trying for a baby is a complex decision that involves numerous considerations.
The IUI procedure and success rate journey explained…
When you are trying to start a family, it can be incredibly disheartening when it doesn’t seem to be going well. Each month can start to feel like a stressful game of hide and seek as you anxiously wait to take a pregnancy test or take a trip to the store to stock up on sanitary products. If you’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to fall pregnant and are ready to start exploring your options...
Oversupply of breast milk… What causes it and how to cope
As mums, we approach the topic of breastfeeding from all angles, from reading about it in books, to long chats with friends who have had babies, articles, and maybe even courses at hospitals – we’ve done it all. However, the truth is that as much as you can prepare (and it is a wise decision to be equipped), in the end, it’s a personal experience altogether when you are on the job.
Health & Safety
Could my toddler have a UTI? All of your burning questions answered
As hard as it may be to fathom, urinary tract infections or UTIs are a common occurrence in toddlers under twelve months of age. It’s usually seen in children who are still in their nappies. As if those itchy nappies weren’t enough already!
Health & Safety
Past bedtime and your toddler still up? Well-kept secrets to sleep train a toddler
Have you ever accidentally started the blender without the lid on? It’s messy, chaotic, takes ages to clean up and can leave you covered in goo – just like having a toddler in the house. Those little balls of energy love monkeying around, so putting all that exploring on hold for sleep time doesn’t sound like fun to them at all! Staying up to see what’s happening after-hours seems like...
Labour & Birth
Risks of going into early labour…. Here’s what you need to know
Baby on the way? We know how excited you must be to meet your little cherub! But hang in there, your pregnancy should ideally last about 40 weeks. If it ends earlier, like say about 37 weeks, it is regarded as going into premature labour. Let’s make sure you are prepared for a situation like this too. Here’s what you need to know about early labour, high risk factors and things you can...