Past bedtime and your toddler still up? Well-kept secrets to sleep train a toddler

Suneera Singh
Suneera Singh
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Updated on Feb 06, 2024 · 3 mins read

Have you ever accidentally started the blender without the lid on? It’s messy, chaotic, takes ages to clean up and can leave you covered in goo – just like having a toddler in the house.

Those little balls of energy love monkeying around, so putting all that exploring on hold for sleep time doesn’t sound like fun to them at all! Staying up to see what’s happening after-hours seems like a far better option to them, because no-one knows FOMO like a child who should be in bed.

Whatever the reason is for your toddler fighting that sleep urge, here are 5 ways that are approved by paediatricians and experts to get your toddler (and you!) a good night’s sleep.

1. Unwinding is key

We wish there was a key to unwind them, literally! But yes, giving an hour or so to unwind and get into sleep mode is the key for your little one. Making the house calm and quiet, turning off the tv or iPad, dimming the lights, packing the toys away, and giving a handy healthy snack to make sure their tummy is full can set the ambience right to get them into rest mode.

2. Get them tired

Experiencing endless energy from your kiddo right at bedtime? Believe me, you’re not alone! Using up that last burst of energy within them before bedtime can make your kiddo tired enough to wanna drift off as soon as they hit the pillow. Now how do you do that?! Baby sleep consultants suggest taking toddlers out for a walk a few hours  before bedtime. Make them run around a bit. This little bit of time spent on the outdoors in fresh air helps in drawing out that last remaining rush of energy left in them.

3. Equip yourself

Who knew that putting your toddler to sleep would require tools? However, the right arsenal can really help to take the stress out of sleepytime. Try playing soothing lullabies or creating a playlist to set the proper sleep environment. A white noise machine, a night light, and sleep sacks in the bedroom can be helpful too. To top it off, a comforting pair of pyjamas and a soft bed cover can help entice your little one into bed and off to sleep.

4. Let off the steam with routine

Believe it or not, your toddler loves a sleep routine. Setting a predictable daily bedtime routine that typically consists of packing up the toys, dinner, teeth brushing, dimming of the lights, and changing into a night suit, all help in setting the mood for calming down your child and getting them ready for the night. A day will come when, with consistency, your toddler will sail through the rituals independently, making bedtime enjoyable. We all go through it and then come out victorious one day, trust us.

5. Read bedtime story books together

Reading to your toddler during bedtime goes a long way in not only enriching their creative mind but also calming them, and creating a perfect setting for sleeping through the night. A soft tone of voice combined with the warmth and comfort of having you by their side is something they will look forward to during bedtime. Hopefully, this way, they will want to hit the hay sooner!

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