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Stephanie Wicker

Child behaviour expert, parenting educator, counsellor and speaker.
Stephanie Wicker has successfully guided families through early childhood for over over 15 years.

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Kids Activities & Learning
“How can I teach my children how to share? They fight tooth and nail over everything!” This is a wonderful question that so many parents can relate to. Let’s look into how to begin teaching genuine sharing amongst siblings and gradually boost those connections and enjoyable exchanges.
Last week I had a call with Mum who is struggling with the “big sibling blues” at her house. Her children are now three and five years old however, when her youngest son was first born she noticed that her toddler was acting out more than usual and clearly demanding more attention from mum than ever.
Let’s face it – toddlers are hard! There is no getting around that fact. They are hard because their brain development is so different from our own. They don’t have much of a prefrontal cortex yet, which means reasoning and lecturing pretty much goes out the window. It also means their ability to cope with almost anything not on their terms, is genuinely very challenging.
Some children rock up to daycare like it’s no biggie from day one, while others might be overwhelmed, and show signs of separation anxiety. If you notice that your child is anxious the night before or the morning of, these simple techniques will help to make their transition a lot easier.
Some toddlers can get a bit over-excited at times, which results in silly behaviour and someone getting hurt or something valuable being broken. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your over-excited toddler, or want some simple tips to keep calm them in the moment – here are a few simple tips:
While boundaries and rules are important, it is also important to be mindful of the words we use and to teach these skills to our children as well. So what’s wrong with the word No?
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