The key to calming an over-excited toddler

Stephanie Wicker
Stephanie Wicker
Child behaviour expert, parenting educator, counsellor and speaker. Stephanie Wicker has successfully guided families through early childhood for over over 15 years.
Created on Oct 11, 2023 · 2 mins read

Some toddlers can get a bit over-excited at times, which results in silly behaviour and someone getting hurt or something valuable being broken. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your over-excited toddler, or want some simple tips to keep calm them in the moment – here are a few simple tips:

Remember – this is normal behaviour

The first thing is to remember that this is completely normal behaviour based on where they are at with their development. Their little brains are still growing the prefrontal lobe, which means that regulating big emotions and physical energy is still quite tricky!

Remain calm

The next thing to remember is that our energy either calms or intensifies their energy. This means yelling or following them around, is only going to escalate the situation or your youngster.

Find your visual cue

In place of yelling, find a visual cue that your children can see and lets them know that you’ve had enough. Some parents raise their hand, some hold out a stop sign. Find your ‘cue’ and use it when you want to shout. This will not only send a clear message, but it will begin to calm you as well and allow you to think of what to do next.

Change the environment

When it’s tough, send them to play outside for a few minutes and give yourself a break. This transition into a new environment will naturally stimulate different areas in their brain, and they will begin to calm down. Lastly, enjoy the time you have with your toddler. They’re only small once and these silly behaviours will be gone before you know it – embrace the moments!

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