Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues has worked as a writer, producer, tv host and editor and is now serving as the Head of Content here at Kiindred. She has two sons - a human one named Kai and a fur one named Memphis...and she is thoroughly obsessed with them both. Before becoming a mum, Lyndsey spent over ten years living in New York City where her hobbies included live music, architecture, eating all of the things and giving tourists the side eye when they failed to use the subway turnstiles correctly.

Articles written by Lyndsey

Real Life
Spend Christmas in the sun (safely!) thanks to Honeysuckle Swim
Christmas in Australia is magical for so many reasons – not least because it involves long days at the beach and fun in the sun with loved ones.
Kids Activities & Learning
Stressed about Christmas shopping? Jellystone is to the rescue!
With Christmas mere weeks (!) away, you might be frantically trying to cross things off of your seemingly never ending holiday “to do” list.
Baby bedtime routine and newborn sleep: How you can both sleep easier
“Sleep now!” seems to be a popular phrase, bestowed upon expectant parents by more experienced ones. The advice, while intended as helpful, doesn’t really prepare anyone for the realities of life with a newborn baby and trying to master the ever-elusive newborn sleep routine!
Labour & Birth
How long after losing the mucus plug does labour start?
The term “mucus plug” is not the most appetising, but it’s one to get familiar with as you approach your final trimester of pregnancy – especially if it’s your first baby.
Health & Wellbeing
Simple ways to safely enjoy the sun this summer
One of the absolute best parts of living in Australia is getting to have beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and stunning landscapes right there in our backyard. While our true blue country is pretty damn special all year round, Aussie summers are known for being particularly epic. BBQ’s with mates, live music and cultural festivals and long days at the beach are just a few of the things...
Kids Activities & Learning
Give the gift of building skills this Christmas with LEGO® DUPLO®
Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of year again…cue record scratch and a panicked internal scream as you realise that you are once again less than prepared for the holiday season.