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Anita Birges

Many of Anita’s skills have been gathered over the years from working in project management, event organisation, hospitality management and real estate. With these skills she decided to share her knowledge and passion by creating Mise en Place – Professional Organising and Property Styling Services.

Articles written by Anita
Partner proofing, husband-proofing, relative-proofing – whatever it may be. You need them to be able to find things when you need them and it also helps with putting things away where they go.
The nappy bag It’s important to have your nappy bag organised. Ensure you have wipes, hand sanitizer, a toy, a rusk, charger – whatever it may be. Try and get yourself a mighty purse, especially in those early weeks as you won’t want to be lugging around your handbag as well as a nappy bag.
As your little one grows, they will go through a lot of clothing sizes, especially during their first year of life. Whether you are planning for future siblings or are on the receiving end of lots of baby clothes and items from friends, you can quickly become overwhelmed with piles of clothing. Not only does this take up precious storage space, it can be extremely frustrating sifting through...
Whether you need to make room for a new addition, or simply want to make space and put your two children together – it’s actually easier than you think! Even if you have one cupboard in that room, with a little organising (and less clutter) it’s possible to make it work.
Whilst you might be busy preparing to celebrate another birthday, it’s also the time to schedule in your ‘pre-birthday clean out’ Why? Because you will no doubt be inundated with new items in the home.Now the first and most important tip is to tackle this on your own. Do not have your kids involved, absolutely not! You will know what your kids play with and what they don’t. You know...
When it comes to creating a harmonious space in the home, it really depends on your individual child’s needs. You might have a child that can happily go off and play dolls on their own or one that needs to sit close to you (in the lounge room) as they play with Lego. Whether or not you choose to have your lounge room as the play area, it will often become the case anyway – especially...
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