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The relationship between roleplay and empathy

How good is it to be a kid? They have the power to make any situation a time for play (and of course, fun!) From the everyday moments like doing the grocery shopping or riding in the car to sitting around the dinner table, they can roleplay what it’s like to be a farmer who cares for animals around the farm. Life with little ones is never dull that’s for sure!

Genevieve Muir from Connected Parenting says that even though the little scenarios or stories they dream up might not always make sense to us… it doesn’t have to! Because they are actually using this imaginative play to develop their own emotional and social skills as they form ideas about the world around them. 

In partnership with LEGO® DUPLO® we’ve come together to show you the power of play. Because when we let them dream big and play even bigger we are setting them up to be confident and empathetic learners in the future. 

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