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Asking questions plays a crucial role in your child’s development and how they learn and make sense of the world. While it can be a bit overwhelming when our little ones come to us with a big question, we should avoid the temptation to give them all the answers right off the bat – or worse, to deflect and say you’ll tell them when they are older. 🙅

Genevieve Muir from @connectedparentingau is a speaker, parent educator and obstetric social worker. As a mum herself Gen understands the challenges parents face first-hand and is passionate about helping parents find the parenting rhythm that works for them. Helping families to not only survive but thrive, she works with families around connection and attachment with their children from birth to six years.

Join us TOMORROW for our Instagram Live at 1:30PM where Gen talks about the power of ‘how’ and ‘why’ during play and how we can break down those big questions into curious jumping-off points for your little one. So the next time they come at you with a, ‘Why doesn’t the sky fall down?’ you’re prepared and ready to have some fun. 😎

A special thank you to our partners at @lego for making this happen and we can’t wait to hear what Gen from @connectedparentingau has to share. 🌟

We hope you can join us!

Emmy x

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