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Igniting the spark of imagination through play

We caught up with Genevieve Muir from Connected Parenting to discuss how to include play in your already busy day. Gen helps us understand the benefits of play, finding moments of connection and how to help your little one navigate their emotions in partnership with LEGO® DUPLO®.

As always, it is jam-packed with wonderful suggestions on how you can truly give your little one’s the best chance of success – through play!

Some of our key takeouts were:

1. Finding moments of time for play
In a busy world, it can be hard to find those moments for some one-on-one play.

2. Let them lead
Why it’s so important to avoid taking over or teaching during these moments of play with your little one – you can learn a lot in these moments.

3. Serve and Return
Pausing and watching and how important this is in allowing them to process. We want to see them return the serve before we keep going – just like in a game of tennis!

4. Build their ability for independent play
Why building up their ability to play independently is so important.

5. Why setting the scene and changing things around is important.
Ps. They’ll end up wherever you are.

Plus so much more!

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