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Euky Bear Sleep Aid



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Created on Feb 06, 2024 ·

Euky Bear Sleep Aid

We are ALL about getting your baby set up on a consistent bedtime routine and creating calming sleep cues. While no two babies are the same, when it comes to sleep we know that consistency is key.

So we’ve teamed up with Euky Bear to review their EUKY BEAR Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid, which utilises the benefits of sensory sleep cues such as light, sound and aromatherapy to help our little ones drift off to sleep and resettle through the night.

Some of the things we LOVE about this clever contraption

😴The night light
😴The pink noise
😴The aromatherapy humidifer which releases fine mist into the air
😴Soothing sounds such as heartbeat sound, waterfall and dreamy lullabies

Sweet dreams are made of this! ✌️

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