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9 Tips for choosing a kids mattress so comfy, you’ll want to sleep on it yourself

Bella Heim

Bella Heim

Bella is a mummy of three, writer, and photographer. She's not afraid to admit that she relies on a little red wine to keep the chaos of motherhood at bay. When she's not dodging toys and dirty diapers, you'll find her documenting the wild and wonderful ride of parenthood, and adding a splash of inspiration, creativity, and a healthy dose of mum humour along the way.
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 6 mins read
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Have you ever tried sleeping on a cheap, lumpy mattress that felt like a sack of potatoes? Strange question, but totally relevant.

Have you ever had the experience of waking up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck? Your neck hurts, your back hurts, and your mood is worse than a bear in hibernation. It sucks, and can most likely ruin your whole day.

I have realised the importance of a good mattress for a very long time. A comfy mattress is like that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you put on your favorite pair of sweatpants – except it’s for your entire body.

Think about this way, we literally spend one-third of our lives on a mattress, it is so important to really invest in something that is going to help us get the good rest we so need, to keep us healthy and happy.

And if it’s so important for us adults, imagine how much more important it is for our little ones! When it comes to kids’ mattresses, there’s a whole new level of importance.

Kids need a good night’s sleep to grow and thrive, and a comfy mattress can make all the difference. Not only do they need the right support for their growing bodies, but they also need something that’s comfortable enough to lull them into a peaceful slumber.

And we all know, what happens when kids don’t get enough sleep – it’s chaos.

1. Getting the right mattress size for your kid is a big deal (literally)

Let’s talk about size. You might be tempted to go for a smaller mattress to save some cash, but please believe me, a too-small mattress is not going to be all that practical, both in short and long term.

You don’t want your little one’s feet dangling off the edge all night long like they’re a human fishing lure.  And they grow so fast! You don’t want a mini mattress to save space, only to realise you will have to get a new one after a year’s use.

This is one of the (many) reasons we love the Joey by Koala Kids Mattress – it’s not only amazing quality, but designed for ages 3-12, so it will grow with your child and save you some cash! Not only that, but because it’s a standard single size it’s compatible with bunk beds and trundles so it can transition to whatever bed frame you need it to.


2. Choose a mattress that won’t leave them feeling sore and grumpy

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Support is key when it comes to choosing a mattress. You don’t want your child to wake up with a sore back (or a cranky mood) because their mattress isn’t providing the right support.

Try looking for options with steel pocket springs or high-density foam, like Koala’s Kloudcell, to ensure proper spinal alignment and prevent aches and pains.

3. Choose a mattress that’s kind to sensitive sleepers

It really sucks to see your child wake up with a stuffy nose or itchy eyes.

So if your little one suffers from allergies, you can consider getting a hypoallergenic mattress. Look for options made with materials which are naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens.

4. A durable kids mattress that can withstand the chaos of childhood

Kids can be really rough on pretty much everything. A good kids mattress should last for several years, so get one with a durable construction that is worth your investment. Look for options with high-quality materials to ensure it can stand up to years of wear and tear.

You want to also look for a kind of mattress that is antimicrobial – to help prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. These nasties are really a health hazard for your child, and something you definitely don’t want to ignore.

Again, this is why the Joey by Koala Kids Mattress gets our vote! It uses antimicrobial agents in the foam to add an extra layer of safety for our littles. Seriously, these guys have thought of everything!

5. Choose a mattress with easy-to-clean features

As parents, we can’t forget about cleanliness. Kids can be messy, so look for a mattress with a removable, washable cover to make clean-up a breeze. You don’t want to be stuck scrubbing out a pesky stain at 3 AM because of some leaky business.

The Joey by Koala Kids Mattress is a total dream not only for kids, but for every tired parent. Each of their comfy and certified mattresses come with an easy-care, removable, zip-off topper that can be machine washed (yay to the decreased workload!)

6. Consider motion isolation

If your child is a restless sleeper who turns into spiderman at night, or shares a bed with a sibling, look for a mattress with good motion isolation. Options with individually wrapped coils or dense foam, like Koala’s Kloudcell, can help absorb movement and prevent disruptions to your child’s sleep.

7. Look for a mattress with good edge support

Why on earth is edge support important, you ask?

Well, if your little one is anything like mine, they love to jump on the bed (despite our best efforts to discourage this behaviour). And when they do, they often land near the edge of the mattress. Without proper edge support, the mattress can sag or collapse, which isn’t just uncomfortable – it can also be very dangerous.

A good edge support can help to distribute weight more evenly across the surface of the mattress, preventing sagging and ensuring that your child can jump to their heart’s content without any worries.

And hey, even if you are a lucky parent with a child who  isn’t a bed-jumping enthusiast, edge support is still important. It can help to prevent the mattress from feeling lumpy or uneven over time, which can make for a less comfortable sleeping surface overall.

8. Don’t overlook breathability

Kids can get hot at night. No, seriously, some kids can turn into little sweat machines.

Look for a mattress with good breathability to keep them comfortable. Options with r breathable fabrics are a great choice. You don’t want your child to wake up in a puddle of sweat like they just ran a marathon.

9. Try before you buy

Still not sure? Why not take your little dreamer to a mattress store and have them test out a few options? This can give you a better idea of what type of firmness and support they prefer, and help ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

To save you time, you can also try the Joey Kids Mattress like I mentioned before. Not only are they an awesome brand that focuses on sustainability, but they also allow you to try their mattresses with a risk-free 120 night trial.

I love having the option to test something before I really commit to it. And you know how kids are – they can be very picky.

There’s nothing better than waking up to a happy, well-rested child who’s ready to take on the day. And when they can rest well in the night with a comfy mattress, maybe you’ll even get a chance to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye yourself.

But if I am going to be honest, with kids around, that’s most likely just wishful thinking.

Sweet dreams, parents and little ones!


This is a paid partnership between Kiindred and Joey by Koala. 

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