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How to make your toddler’s bathtime a chance for playtime



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Created on Oct 23, 2023 · 5 mins read
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Let’s be real for a second here… bathtime can often feel like a chore or just another part of the daily routine, that is, life with little ones. From them not wanting to hop in the bath – to then refusing to get out of the bath – it can often feel like a whole ordeal and not worth the stress some days.

But we do it anyway, of course, because on top of basic hygiene, the daily bath is a time when all of our toddler’s senses are engaged and active. From the soothing feeling of warm water to the fun texture of foamy bubbles – bathtime is a brilliant time for both learning as well as winding down and most importantly… getting ready for bed! Not to mention it’s also a great way to get in some quality time too.

But something which is often overlooked is just how much playing gets done during bathtime. Our little ones have the amazing ability to turn everyday situations into magical moments, and this couldn’t be more true than within the bath.

Where we may simply see bubbles and water – they see a bubbly underwater castle, just waiting to be explored. And this is an excellent thing because we know that playtime is when their imagination takes over and is helping to develop their social, creative and motor skills.

So while our little ones are naturals when it comes to injecting the fun into the every day, we know that coming up with fresh ideas isn’t always easy. So in partnership with LEGO® DUPLO®, here are some of our tips to encourage the fun and put the play into bathtime.

1. Have fun with textures

We all know how good warm water feels after a big day – and this is true for our little ones too. Encouraging them to splash around in the water (keeping it in the bath, mind you) will develop their understanding of cause and effect – as well as just being a whole lot of fun.

You can also add some kid-friendly bubbles in the water and watch them as they explore the fun textures of the bubbles on their skin. You can even join in on the fun too by throwing a few bubbles in the air or putting a clump of bubbles on their arms and blowing it off.

2. Bring in some music

You don’t have to stop at just touch though – some parents find that putting on a calming playlist, some fun sing-along songs or even an audio story can inject some fun into bathtime. This can create a calming environment or even help them detach from some of the distractions and really focus on having some fun in the bath.

3. Get the toys involved 

Bath toys are a great way to get your little one keen on bathtime. Having toys that are just specific to bathtime can be a helpful bargaining tool to get them into the bath. Plush toys are a great way to get them learning through play in the bath. From seeing how their toys float in the water to how they get pushed away by a splash – our little ones are learning about how things move in the water.

We love bath toys like the LEGO DUPLO Daily Routines: Bath Time set, which uses cute elephant characters – a parent and a baby – to guide your little one through bath time routines. Your toddler can give the baby elephant different expressions to communicate how bath time makes them feel, and explore these experiences creatively through play. By using the set during bath time, it can make this routine feel less overwhelming by grounding it in fun and giving a path for your child to express their emotions around each activity. 

4. Make it a time for connection

Our little ones love positive reinforcement and in general, they find their caregiver’s voice safe and soothing. By just narrating what your little one is doing in the bath, you can create a safe environment for them to start forming ideas and connections about the world around them. As they make little splashes, give them positive feedback by saying something like, “Yes you’re making little splashes. That looks like fun”.

As they grow up, this narration can turn into asking questions about what they are doing in the bath, or what they did throughout the day. By starting this ritual of talking during bathtime at a young age, it can form a really nice part of their routine and encourage them to develop their language skills as they grow.

5. You’ll get the hang of it as you go 

All children and families are different – which means playing at bathtime will look completely different for every child. As you continue to play with them in the bath, you’ll develop your own habits and special rituals unique to their growing personality.

Whether it is a favourite song you sing to them, their absolute favourite toy, or even a game you play together that is special for bathtime. For example, by pretending to be mermaids or pirates on the search for buried treasure you are not only connecting through play, but you are also helping to develop their imagination and creativity.

Part of the fun of bathtime is that it is a simple, everyday moment, where you can see your little one growing, learning and, of course, having a whole lot of fun! It’s often these moments – that can sometimes feel like a total chore at the time – that you will look back on with fond eyes as they grow up.

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