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Make sure you take these items for a day out with your toddler



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Created on Apr 11, 2024 · 8 mins read
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Just when you thought babies needed a lot of stuff, you discover the complex chaos of a toddler day out.

Adventure is rife, along with relentless questions, emotional overwhelm, and a habit of wanting to climb everything. 

Preparation is key, so here are some of our meltdown avoiding must-haves for when going out and about with your tumultuous, but ever adorable, toddler.

1. Toys and familiar items

Toddlers are huge fans of routine, so shaking up their daily schedule can throw them for a bit of a spin. 

To help them feel more secure, bring along some of their comfort items. The favourite blankie to clutch onto, the teddy bear that’s pretty much their best friend, or those colourful sunnies they insist on strutting around in. 

Pack some toys, books, a mess-free bubble wand, or anything else that’ll keep them happily distracted when emotions start to tip into tantrum territory.

2. Spare clothing

Chances are, if you’re going out with a toddler, things are going to get dirty. From mud puddles to messy eating and the classic babyccino spillage – you’re going to need some backup clothing.  

Choose light clothing that’s easy to fold or roll up for on-the-go. You know, the outfits that can survive a stain or two (in other words, not the knitted sweater Grandma made).

3. Stock up on baby wipes

Speaking of messes, you’ll want to have baby wipes on hand at all times. Whether that’s for nappy emergencies, enthusiastic eating, or other mysterious stains that appear throughout the day. Keep a stash in your arsenal for all the adventures (and bowel movements) your child gets up to. 

The CUB baby and toddler range, available exclusively at Coles, offers biodegradable wipes made from 99% water. They’re alcohol, fragrance, and parabens free to gently cleanse, without irritating your little one’s sensitive skin. That’s a big deal, considering all the rubbing and wiping you’ll be up to, and your kid’s comfort is equally important. 

Sitting at an impeccably accessible price point, they’re easy to stock up on too.

4. Hats and sunscreen

The Aussie sun doesn’t discriminate, even for our littlest family members. Those rays can catch you anywhere, anytime. Which is why hats and sunscreen are a must at all times. 

Bucket hats are the way to go, being both adorable and high coverage. Your toddler might be a bit resistant at first, but if you hype them up with how “cool” they look, they’ll be obsessed in no time. 

For sunscreen, don’t settle for less than SPF50+ to get the best protection, and remember to reapply every 2-4 hours. Mineral or kid-specific sunscreens can be gentler on a toddler’s sensitive skin, just ensure that you’re using sunscreen purchased in Australia. That’s because it’s regulated as a therapeutic good here, which means the manufacturing standards are higher than anywhere else in the world.

5. Snacks and a water bottle

Fruit, muffins, granola bars, cheese and crackers, and sandwiches – those are your go-to options for when you need some extra bargaining power and your toddler needs to chill out. 

Try to include a fruit or veggie and a protein or fat to keep them satisfied for longer and fuel their energy. If you get stuck in a queue, miss a mealtime in traffic, or witness a spike in fussiness, a tasty treat will come in clutch. 

Don’t forget the difference a filled up water bottle can make to their energy and their temper.

6. Bibs (and even more wipes)

Maybe snack time has some messy components, or maybe you’ve stopped by a restaurant on your day trip. Either way, you’ll want some extra hygiene support because sometimes the food is just so good, it has to go everywhere. Enter, bibs.

Silicone bibs are handy to wash and dry in a public bathroom, making them a bit more travel friendly. It’s also worth grabbing 2-3 bibs before you head off, just in case. 

But even with bibs, chaos can sneak in. Imagine peanut butter marks around the mouth, sticky fingers (not the band) from fruit, and crumb-covered chins. You don’t want to rob your kid of happy and messy eating, but you can’t just wash them up on trips. The CUB 99% water biodegradable baby wipes help out here too, for travel-friendly cleanups that refresh your child after every spirited munch. Gentle, soft, and effective, they leave your kid ready to face the rest of the day.

7. First-aid kit

Every parent has a moment where they go to find the adult in the room, only to realise that they’re the adult. 

That means you’re the grownup who needs to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Which means keeping a first-aid kit well within reach for family outings. 

Your first-aid kit should include:

  • band-aids in several sizes 
  • a list of emergency phone numbers
  • antiseptic wipes
  • hand sanitiser
  • soap
  • antiseptic solution
  • scissors
  • safety pins
  • a thermometer
  • tweezers
  • any medicines you may need like antihistamines, antibiotic creams, or pain relief. 

Even easier, grab a ready-made kit from a local pharmacy to pop in your car and bag.

8. Nappy pants

As your toddler becomes more wriggly and adventurous, it may be time to switch over to nappy pants that allow them to move freely. 

We love the CUB Nappy Pants, available exclusively at Coles, as they’re super soft and breathable whilst still keeping everything secure. Comfort hold technology alleviates sagging, and the contoured fit ensures your child feels supported, snug, and comfy. You can both feel a bit more assured on the dryness levels when out of the house, since triple elastic leg guards lock out leaks. 

It’s the ultimate compromise between protection and flexibility, and you can get them in a range of sizes – from walker, to toddler and junior. 

For parents, these nappy pants are a lot easier to change when you’re on the move. You don’t need a changing table and piles of supplies, since your toddler can just step in and out of them like underwear. Meaning that you can change them into a fresh one whilst they’re standing.

8. A sense of humour

Let’s set the expectation for you: things will go wrong.

Sometimes in a minor way, other times to a “let’s pack up and go home”  level. The key to tackling every meltdown, mixup, and twist of the road is to know how to laugh. Picture yourself in an episode of Modern Family and give yourself room to enjoy the absurd hurdles that make you go “what are the chances?”

Wrapping it up

Having a toddler trailing after you doesn’t mean you can’t go out and explore the world (or even just the local park). It all comes down to the steps you take to prep, and the mentality of chucking everything in your bag just in case. Because when you’ve got all your ducks in a row, and have handy support from the CUB range, available exclusively at Coles, so you can focus on being present with your little one and enjoying whatever adventures await. 

Some extra information…

  • How can parents keep their nappy bag organised during outings so that they can find what they need quickly?
    The logistics of fitting all of this in one bag, whilst keeping everything within reach, is definitely daunting. We recommend a nappy bag that has multiple compartments or pouches to assign specific items such as nappies, wipes, snacks, and toys. Group similar items together to help organise. Transparent containers can also make things easier to spot at a glance, especially the smaller items like dummies.

    Try to squeeze in time in your parent-packed calendar to regularly restock and refresh the bag before you head out again, emptying any rubbish or used containers.

  • What are some strategies for managing tantrums in public with toddlers?
    First up, deep breaths. It can feel like everyone’s watching you, which draws out serious embarrassment. Sometimes that can make us react in ways we might regret. But you don’t want to inflame the situation, so avoid shouting or even trying to reason with them.

    Make eye contact with your little one by getting down to their level and trying to find out what’s wrong. If they let you, a good hug can go a long way in the middle of grocery store meltdown.Remind yourself that you’re in control, and if things get bad enough, you just head on home. Otherwise, a change of scenery like a walk around the block and getting fresh air can help you both calm down. 

  • Are there specific things to pack for travelling with a toddler who has sensory sensitivities?
    Having a range of calming and comforting things packed for your toddler can make them feel more at ease. You can pick the different items together as a fun bonding activity that includes them in the process.

    On top of the aforementioned list, consider bringing items like noise-cancelling earmuffs or headphones, sunglasses, their favourite stuffed animal or toy, a weighted blanket, or a toddler-friendly fidget toy.


*CUB 99% water wipes are biodegradable. Tested according to ASTM  D5511 to biodegrade in standard landfill condition. 

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