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How helping kids connect with nature improves their social skills

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues

Lyndsey Rodrigues has worked as a writer, producer, tv host and editor and is now serving as the Head of Content here at Kiindred. She has two sons - a human one named Kai and a fur one named Memphis...and she is thoroughly obsessed with them both. Before becoming a mum, Lyndsey spent over ten years living in New York City where her hobbies included live music, architecture,...
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 3 mins read
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Modern parents understand all too well, the importance (and frustration) of getting kids away from their screens and out into the world.

As Gen Muir from Connected Parenting explains, “Nature play provides many lifelong benefits across physical health, mental health and academic competency. More than ever as parents we want our kids to have a deep understanding of their role in nurturing the world they live in.

We know that nature-based learning and education improves a child’s academic performance and critical thinking, but it also fosters compassion for living things which is so important for our children now and in the future.”

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s important to nurture your child’s relationship with nature.

Encouraging teamwork: 

Outdoor activities such as gardening, camping or hiking allows children to develop their teamwork and communication skills. These types of activities that require working toward a common goal – e.g. growing a little veggie garden, are a great way to build a child’s cooperation skills which are beneficial in a wide range of social situations.


Building empathy: 

We all want our children to be caring and empathetic individuals and nature is a fantastic teacher in this regard. By allowing kids to experience caring for things, we can teach them to understand and appreciate the needs and feelings of others. The LEGO® DUPLO® Organic Garden set is a wonderful introduction to the world of nature and a great first step in understanding how the natural world works.

Encouraging creativity and imagination: 

Nature provides kids with so many opportunities to let their imaginations roam free whether it’s building forts, creating art from natural materials, or simply exploring the world around them. This can help them to develop their creative and problem-solving skills, which are so important for social interactions.

Organic Garden set

Try The LEGO® DUPLO® Organic Garden set for a big start in connecting with nature!


Strengthening communication: 

Spending time in nature provides opportunities for children to engage in meaningful conversations with others, whether it’s talking about what they’re seeing or experiencing, or working together to solve a problem. This can help them to build strong communication skills that they can use in social settings.

The LEGO DUPLO Organic Garden set is designed to help parents spark conversations about what grows in the garden and introduces kids to the idea of an ecosystem to further develop their child’s communication skills while allowing for important moments of connection.



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