Toddler Nutrition: Why various food groups are important


We’ve all been there. Your little one suddenly decides they only like to eat anything white, have suddenly become vegetarian or developed a tendency to raid the fruit bowl and avoid eating their veggies at all costs.

We hear how important it is to eat a variety of foods and ensure they are getting a good balance of those food groups, but how does that translate to their daily meals?

We teamed up with Biostime and their partner, Paediatric Dietitian, Karina Savage from SmartBite Nutrition to help you better understand how you can support your little one’s food journey.

In this video she covers:
• What children are currently eating
• What nutrients are at risk (you might be surprised!)
• Tips for getting the most from their veggies
• How to ensure adequate dairy
• Things to look out for
We hope you enjoy part one in the Biostime X Kiindred IGTV Series with Karina Savage from Smarbite. You can download some helpful resources from Karina here.

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