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Created on Oct 15, 2023 · 1 min read

It is a good idea to consider the different areas of your 1st birthday party venue, and what you may want to decorate. Do you want a welcome sign? A fun photo area? Do you have a guestbook idea? Where will guests leave their presents?

Also, think about who will be taking photos for you at the party. Ensure you have someone allocated or booked, as you will want to enjoy the party with your little one and friends rather than being stuck behind a camera.

Party favours are nice to have for any birthday party. As we always suggest, consider the age of the kids, opt for non-edible items such as little toys rather than just a bag of sweets.

If you want to provide something for your adult guests, then something edible such as a personally wrapped chocolate bar or a take-home cupcake is something they will appreciate and enjoy.

Party tip

There are lots of gorgeous bags available to package anything you choose – be sure to wait until your RSVPs come through before you purchase them all.

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