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Flash cards helping you learn yoga and language!



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Created on Sep 26, 2023 · 2 mins read
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Metta Play Yoga cards are the perfect way to help your little one build their physical, cognitive and emotional development. To learn how to foster a loving kindness practice for oneself, for each other and for the Earth.

Now more than ever, we want to connect families and ensure our children have the tools to practice mindfulness and self-love and these gorgeous yoga cards do just that.

Via founded Metta Play to create a space where children can learn to self-love through yoga while learning a different language. An Asian-American herself, she also wanted to bring bilingual families together.

The cards are available in either English-Mandarin, English-Indonesian, English-Spanish or English- French. They are beautifully designed and will be loved by children of all ages, especially as you introduce them to movement, breathing techniques and new words!

Cards for very age

Babies and Toddlers: A gentle introduction – let them lead the way

3-6 years old: Learn interesting facts, make up stories, let them experience it

7-9 years old: Start building a deeper awareness of their body and different feelings

10 years +: Delve deeper into the concept of self-love and a regular loving kindness practice

Each pack includes:

  • 15 matching pairs of beautifully illustrated yoga cards and poses written in two languages (30 cards)
  • One guidebook printed on recycled paper, including pose descriptions and game ideas
  • 8.5cm x 12cm in size, printed on environmentally friendly paper. Each card has rounded corners and is laminated to endure endless playtime
    These cards are proudly designed, printed and packed in Australia. 10% of profits from every purchase will go towards helping improve the education and future of children in need.


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