When will my pregnancy start to show?

Emmy Samtani

Emmy Samtani

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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 4 mins read
When will my pregnancy start to show?

Pregnancy comes with a variety of gifts you didn’t ask for: morning sickness, maternity bra purchases, and splitting headaches. When you fall pregnant there are probably things missing that you thought would be there – like the first sign of your bump! But that will actually take some time to appear. The baby bump can be the physical proof you need to feel excited about the pregnancy, or to help it all feel a little more real. For other pregnant women, it might be a relief to have their pregnancy hidden for a bit longer from their coworkers, friends, or family members. Either way, you might be curious as to when this exciting chapter will get moving, especially if it’s your first baby.

When do you start showing in pregnancy?

Around the start of the second trimester is when you might see the first signs of your growing belly (so at around 13 weeks pregnant.) Don’t worry though if you haven’t seen anything yet, many mamas don’t show until around 16 weeks or even later. Remember every body of a mum-to-be and every baby is different so your baby bump progression might be unique to you (and that’s kind of special too.) There’s no strict expectations about the size of your belly, so don’t stress about how your baby bump grows.

How do I tell that I have a baby bump?

The first flagging could happen when you notice your clothes are fitting more snugly, especially your shirts or the waist of your pants. Or maybe you notice that you’re carrying some extra weight. If it’s still tricky to tell, you could start measuring your belly your baby bump progression.

Why don’t I have a baby bump yet?

There are a bunch of reasons pregnant women start showing at different paces.

1. Your age

If you’re an older women you may be more likely to show earlier. This can often be due to younger mums having stronger abdominal muscles that hide the baby bump a little longer. More relaxed stomach muscles could show sooner, but this isn’t always the case.

2. Your size

Height and body shape matter! A smaller and more narrow mum is going to start showing quicker than a taller woman since there is more space to grow into.

3. Your genes

Speak with your mum, auntie, and grandma to see when they started to show. If they were late bloomers as pregnant women, you might be too!

4. If this is your first pregnancy

Mum’s going through their first pregnancy are less likely to have their baby bum show quickly than anything beyond a second pregnancy. A current mum’s uterine muscles have already gone through the wringer once before so they are much more prepared to grow the second baby, so the baby bump should show sooner.

5. The position of your uterus

Depending on where your uterus is lying, like if you have a retroverted uterus or anteverted uterus, your bump might not be visible yet. Typically, when your baby is leaning backwards toward your spine, the bump is less detectable. If it’s less so, it’ll show earlier. And if you’re unsure about your uterus position, your ob gyn should be able to help you figure it out.

6. Your body weight

Depending on your body (and all of them are beautiful), your baby bump might be concealed in the beginning of your pregnancy. A woman with a narrow body frame might start showing earlier.

7. If you’re carrying multiples

If you’re ever so lucky be carrying twins, or anything more than one baby, you might notice your bump sooner. This is because twins (and any more babies) need extra belly wriggle room so your baby bump will grow sooner and faster. Single babies tend to take a bit more time to grow a bump. Makes sense, right?

When Do You Start Showing in Second Pregnancy?

As we touched on, most women will find their baby bump is showing early their second pregnancy. It (as always) can differ, but it’s expected second pregnancies start showing in the second trimester, around 14 weeks. The reason second-time mums start showing sooner is because their stomach muscles will have loosened after the first time around.

When Do You Start Showing with Twins?

To make up for the extra belly squeeze, being pregnant with more than one little one could mean you spot your baby bump sooner. This means you could start showing as early as the first trimester, even just six weeks in.

What to Do When You Aren’t Showing Pregnancy?

First up, it’s important to know that everybody is different and whether you’re showing or not, it does not correlate to the baby’s growth. Your doctor will let you know how your baby’s progress is going so don’t fret over the size of your belly just yet! Soon enough you won’t be able to see your feet and this sign you were looking to notice will be long gone. So don’t fret about the size, most women start showing at different times then their mates, and you’ll have a lovely belly in no time.

It’s normal to feel self conscious, whether you’re showing earlier or still not spotting the baby bump. But just remember that as long as you and your little one are healthy, it really doesn’t matter how big your belly is. Don’t worry about other women or their baby bumps, just stay in your lane and enjoy your journey! If you are ever concerned, or just need a little peace of mind, reach out to your doctor for the extra vote of confidence.

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