What to expect at 37 weeks pregnant


Your baby

If baby was born before now it would have been classed as “preterm” but from this week and until week 42 baby is technically considered “term”. While baby would survive on the outside world now, pending no medical reasons otherwise, it is better that the baby stays in the uterus and continues growing.

How you’re feeling

While your midwife or doctor might be saying to wait as long as you can and keep that baby in there – you’re probably thinking ‘get this baby outta here’!

Besides the fact that you desperately want to meet your little houseguest all these months together – you also probably feel full to the brim and like you can’t possibly get any bigger… but sorry to tell you, you can!

Weekly tip

Night time sleep is probably well and truly alluding you by now so take extra advantage of your ability to nap at all hours of the day while you can. There’s nothing more annoying than people who tell you to sleep now because you won’t when baby comes – but it is true! Savour these next few weeks (easier said than done we know, we know!) but your life is about to get a whole lot crazier, so just take it easy and nap nap NAP!

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