Classic baby names that are still cool today


When trawling through baby name lists for inspiration, there is so much noise it can be overwhelming and confusing. But whilst there are so many unique, unusual and sometimes downright weird names that surge in popularity, more often than not they go out of favour again as quickly as they came.

When choosing a name you want to be sure it’s one you’ll love (and your child will love) for a lifetime, which is why you can’t go wrong with a classic name. 

Old-fashioned names that have been around forever, names that have stood the test of time, and keep coming back up for a reason are a good place to start.

But just because you want a classic name doesn’t necessarily mean you want one that is going to be on every second child, so we’ve rounded up a list of classic names, that sit outside the top 50 so they still remain that little bit rarer.

Classic baby boy names:

1. Albert

2. Andrew

3. Arthur

4. Charles

5. Darcy

6. Dominic

7. Frank

8. Frederik

9. Jasper

10. Jeremy

11. Hamish

12. Hugh

13. James

14. Louis

15. Nathaniel

16. Nicholas

17. Samson

18. Toby

19. Zachary

20. Walter

Classic baby girl names:

1. Audrey

2. Betty

3. Catherine

4. Cora

5. Delilah

6. Elizabeth

7. Eleanor

8. Greer

9. Harriet

10. Lucille

11. Madeline

12. Mae

13. Maisie

14. Molly

15. Penelope

16. Rose

17. Sarah

18. Stella

19. Victoria

20. Viola 

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