What to expect at 35 weeks pregnant


Your baby

Most of the major development is now complete and your baby will spend the next few weeks putting on weight and preparing to make its entrance.

Fetus 35 weeks

How you’re feeling

Just when you think your boobs can’t change any more – you go and notice your nipples are even darker than they were before, and you might even start to notice you have leaky boobs too as they fill with colostrum ready for baby. Speaking of leaking, you might notice more vaginal discharge now too – if you notice any blood in it, or anything out of the ordinary let your midwife or doctor know straight away as it could be signs of labour.

Weekly tip

Give yourself a week off from doing any baby prep (that doesn’t make you feel good!) Spend the week focusing on you and whatever makes you feel happy. Book in for a pregnancy massage or go out for a nice meal – or just plonk yourself on the couch for a Netflix marathon. This week is all about you and getting as much R&R while you can.

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