What to expect at 12 weeks pregnant


Your baby

This week brings you and your baby to the end of your first trimester. Your baby and you have come so far since those early weeks and is now approximately 14 grams or the size of a lime. Baby’s bones are continuing to change from soft, flexible cartilage to bone. Baby’s bowels are also now starting to fill with meconium, a black-green tar-like substance, and this is what the baby will pass as their first bowel movement after birth. The kidneys will also start secreting urine into the bladder from now. 

How you’re feeling

This week is often when many mums-to-be report that they start to feel better, with many of the symptoms that plagued you during the first trimester hopefully starting to ease off. You might notice your energy levels hopefully starting to pick back up too.

Weekly tip

If you haven’t been feeling up for much exercise up until now, this week can be a good time to think about getting back on the wagon, so to speak. Gentle exercise including walking, yoga or pilates can be great during pregnancy but always consult with your doctor before embarking on anything new during pregnancy. If you have exercised pre-pregnancy it is usually considered safe to continue doing so, but always get an expert opinion if you are not sure. Exercise can help not only physically but also mentally, and has been proven to help with postnatal recovery. Always remember to take it easy and don’t push your body – now is not the time for PBs!

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