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This stylish maternity swimwear will have you making serious waves

Javeria Adenwalla

Javeria Adenwalla

Javeria is a writer, a yogi and an absolute lover of life. She reports live from the trenches of motherhood, stepping on metaphoric landmines, and sharing her experiences with unwavering optimism as she raises her three musketeers. Whenever life throws her off balance, she swivels back to zen mode with the power of yoga. When she’s not busy mastering the art of parenting,...
Created on Oct 30, 2023 · 6 mins read
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Ah, the joys of pregnancy – the kicks, the cravings, and of course, the never-ending quest for swimwear that doesn’t make you look like a wayward penguin. It may be winter in Australia, but that never keeps us away from the water – in fact, swimming is the perfect pregnancy exercise. With that said, we’ve got your back (and your belly) with some chic maternity swimsuit options.

We’re diving into the world of fashionable and functional swimwear for your beautiful baby bump, exploring different styles, highlighting the need for specialised swimwear during pregnancy, and offering tips to stay stylish throughout this exciting journey.

Picture this: you, lounging by the pool, sporting pregnancy swimwear that screams: “I’m growing a human, and I’m doing it in style!” Yep, you may not have a cocktail in this scenario but we guarantee these fabulous finds will have you feeling like the ultimate beach babe.

Embrace your bump

Finding the perfect maternity swimsuit may seem like a labyrinth, but with an array of fun styles and flattering designs at your disposal, you’ll be swimming in a sea of choices! From whimsical patterns that celebrate your impending motherhood to elegant cuts that accentuate your blossoming silhouette, the options are as vast as the ocean itself.

To get you started here are some popular styles to consider:

a. Maternity One-Piece Swimsuits: A classic and versatile choice, one-piece swimsuits offer full coverage and support for your growing bump. Look for adjustable straps, ruching details, and stretchy fabric that will grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

b. Maternity Tankinis: If you prefer a two-piece option, tankinis are a fantastic choice. They provide the convenience of a two-piece suit while offering the coverage and comfort of a one-piece. Tankinis often feature a longer top to cover your belly; some even come with built-in bras or support bands.

c. Maternity Bikinis: For the fashion-forward parents who want to flaunt their baby bump, maternity bikinis are a fun and trendy option. Look for bottoms with adjustable waistbands and tops with extra coverage and support.

Remember, the real key to style is confidence, so rock your chosen swimsuit with pride.

The benefits of maternity swimwear 

Ah, the eternal conundrum: “Do I really need a maternity swimsuit, or can I squeeze myself into my trusty old one?” While the temptation to save a few bucks by squeezing into your pre-pregnancy swimwear is strong, the wonders of maternity swimsuits are worth every glorious penny.

First and foremost, maternity swimwear is a divine creation meticulously designed to cater to your pregnancy needs. Say hello to stretchy fabrics that embrace your ever-changing figure, adjustable features that adapt to your growing curves, and all this without sacrificing an ounce of style or functionality. It’s like wearing a cloud that hugs you in all the right places while making you look effortlessly fabulous.

Not only that, but maternity swimwear has you covered, quite literally! These masterpieces of design are tailor-made to flatter and embrace your beautiful baby bump, giving you the power to strut your stuff with pride. With their flattering cuts and ample coverage, you’ll feel like a radiant beach goddess, turning heads left and right.

Now, here’s a big factor to consider: As your body prepares for the miraculous journey of breastfeeding, your breasts may demand a little extra tender love and care. Enter the realm of maternity swimsuits, where built-in bras, adjustable straps, and wider bands come together in harmony to provide the necessary support and alleviate any discomfort.

In a nutshell, the comfort, support, and confidence that maternity swimwear brings to the table are invaluable during this precious time. So go ahead, splurge a little, and indulge in the joys of maternity swimwear.

How can I look stylish during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most magical things you can experience, but it does come with some head-scratching around how to dress your growing bump – especially when it comes to swimwear. It’s completely normal and acceptable to favour comfort over style while pregnant, but if you do feel like yo want to take is up a notch, here are some tips.

a. Embrace your body: Pregnancy is a time of celebration, so embrace your changing body and be proud of your baby bump. Choose swimwear styles that accentuate your curves and make you feel confident. Remember, confidence is the ultimate accessory!

b. Play with colours and prints: Don’t be afraid to go wild with colours and prints. Rock those bold patterns and vibrant hues like a walking masterpiece. Stripes, florals, and polka dots are your new BFFs for expressing your one-of-a-kind style.

c. Accessorise: Spice up your maternity swimwear game with some killer accessories. Throw on a chic sun hat, a breezy cover-up, or a statement necklace that screams “I’m fabulous!” These little details can turn your poolside look from drab to absolutely fab! If you prefer to not don any accessories remember confidence is the ultimate bling.

d. Prioritise comfort: Fashion is great, but comfort is queen.  Go for swimwear made from soft, stretchy fabrics that let you move with ease. Look for adjustable straps, ruching, and supportive features that’ll have you feeling comfy and looking like a million bucks.

e. Confidence is key: Remember that true style comes from within. Embrace this pregnancy journey with unshakeable confidence and let your radiant glow steal the show.

Okay, so now you’ve got the lowdown on how to rock maternity swimwear, here are some of our favourite pieces.

Seraphine Black Super-Stretch Maternity Swimsuit


Seraphine Black Super-Stretch Maternity Swimsuit

We love that this is made with recycled fibres in a tactile crinkle texture. Plus, this super-stretchy suit grows with your bump, then snaps back into shape after baby is born, so you can keep wearing it long after your little one arrives – making it super cost effective.

Legoe Heritage Gidget One-Piece


Legoe Heritage Gidget One-Piece

This swimsuit from Legoe Heritage is too cute for words! We love the gingham print and asymmetrical neckline. Another great feature is that this swimsuit is designed to be worn during pregnancy and after.

Jojo Maman Bebe Spot Maternity Tankini Set


Jojo Maman Bebe Spot Maternity Tankini Set

Made from 80% Recycled Nylon and 20% Elastane, this brightly coloured tankini set is so fun and the perfect blend of a one and two piece swimsuit.

Ripe Sahara Nursing Bikini 


Ripe Sahara Nursing Bikini 

Designed for pregnancy and nursing, the Sahara Nursing Bikini top features a simple V neck, skinny straps and clip release nursing access. The high waisted bottoms feature gathering across the bump providing plenty of room to grow during pregnancy as well as a flattering silhouette postpartum.

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