What to expect at 26 weeks pregnant


Your baby

This week baby’s eyes, while still shut, have finished developing and are just about ready to open wide. Fat is continuing to grow along with muscle and the lungs are maturing as they inhale and exhale amniotic fluid in practice for when they take their first breath of oxygen.

How you’re feeling

Big. By now your uterus has gone from the size of a clenched fist to almost as big as a soccer ball, so you’re probably feeling pretty weighed down by your rapidly-growing house guest now. Weight-gain in pregnancy can be a source of concern and anxiety for mums-to-be, worrying about putting on too much and coming to terms with your changing appearance. It is normal at this stage in your pregnancy to start putting on weight quicker than before, as your baby is growing rapidly. As long as you are sticking to a healthy diet and doing some form of light exercise you should have nothing to worry about but if it is concerning you, speak with your doctor or midwife.

Weekly tip

Get up and get moving! Even if you don’t feel like it, even just a walk around the block in the fresh air will do wonders for you both physically and emotionally – especially if you haven’t been feeling your best! Don’t worry about anything on your to-do list or anywhere you have to be this week, just look after you (and baby) and remember to go easy on yourself!

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