What methods of hair removal are safe during pregnancy?


Pregnancy can make your hair grow thick and fast – and often in places you weren’t expecting. So that’s probably got you thinking if you are able to still go about hair removal when you’re pregnant? Well, there are some forms of hair removal you will want to avoid once pregnant, but there are still plenty of options available to you so you don’t have to live with all that extra hair – if you don’t want to. 

Why does hair grow more during pregnancy?

While all those hormones in your body are doing some pretty amazing things to develop and grow your baby, the side effects can often come out in unwanted ways – like extra hair.

While this can be great when it’s in the right place, eg. on your head, unfortunately, it isn’t restricted and can also come out thicker and faster than ever on your face, legs, arms, underarms, belly, back, bikini area. 

The hair should return to regular after the baby is born (it might take up to six months) but it should settle back down once your hormone levels do. 

What methods of hair removal are safe for pregnancy?

There are plenty of safe options you can turn to for hair removal during pregnancy, such as:


Shaving is probably one of the easiest forms of hair removal, especially for legs and underarms as you can do it in the comfort of your own home – which is great because you’ll probably find that you have to shave a little more regularly than you used to. Just make sure you take extra care not to cut/nick yourself while you do it and always change your blade regularly.


Perfect for tackling small problem areas and easy enough to do yourself at home.


Best done by a professional, threading uses a length of thread to pluck hairs and is often done on areas such as the face (cheeks, lips, chin) and eyebrows.


Waxing is another great option for hair removal, just be wary of hot wax as your skin may be more sensitive skin than usual. Make sure you patch test before doing any large areas and always use a soothing gel or cream after to help the skin settle and reduce redness and swelling. If you are getting your waxing done in a salon, make sure your beautician practices good hygiene with the wax, using gloves and never double-dipping. 

What type of hair removal methods should I avoid? 

Depilatory/hair removal creams

Some doctors may say it’s ok to use these creams during pregnancy, there isn’t enough research on the topic to be sure. Best to avoid altogether, or speak with your doctor and see what they recommend. 

If you do decide to use them, make sure you patch test as you may find your skin to be more sensitive to the chemicals in them while pregnant. Also make sure you open a window because they have a very strong and distinctive smell, which can be extra off-putting to your pregnant nose! 


You should avoid using bleach to hide unwanted hair growth during pregnancy, as the bleach touches and penetrates the skin. 

Laser Hair removal 

Again there isn’t enough research to deem laser hair removal safe at this point so it is best to avoid it until after your baby is born.

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