The things no one tells you about baby clothes

Viva Bianca
Viva Bianca
Viva is a writer, editor and mum (AKA professional snack bitch) – and not in that order. With a background in film, feminism and culture journalism, Viva brings her curiosity for storytelling to her role as Culture & Lifestyle Editor at Kiindred, and loves offering advice and tit-bits to other parents - it takes a village!
Updated on Jan 22, 2024 · 3 mins read

A common joke shared between new parents is just how unqualified we feel when leaving the hospital with our tiny – and overwhelmingly vulnerable – bundle of love. After all, there’s no subject in high school, no TAFE course or uni degree designed to prepare an adult for parenthood.

The same could be said for baby clothes. Like the foreignness of sleep schedules to a non-parent, much about baby clothes – what makes them a hit or a miss – is a total mystery…

So, we’ve partnered with H&M to disclose the things no one tells you about baby clothes.

Zips are key

I remember when I first began baby clothes shopping, my aesthetic eye was repeatedly drawn to outfits with buttons. In my mind, the zip alternative was a stylistic choice – and one I wasn’t as attracted to. Oh, how I’m sympathetically laughing at my green OLD self!

It wasn’t until I was up changing nappy number 5 at 3.30 am one sleepless night that the penny finally dropped.


Especially in the early months of your baby’s life, don’t burden yourself with fiddly and time-consuming buttons. Zip-up onesies are baby fashion genius, and H&M offers 100% organic cotton 3-Pack Zip-Up Pajamas – which are both sustainable and economical.

Press studs save the day

Somewhere along the line in baby clothing design history, some genius introduced press-studs as a button replacement. Honestly, parents, take our advice and where possible, choose press-studs over buttons. Whether it be a bodysuit, a onesie or a top with a press stud at the shoulder, opt for press studs and thank us later.


Envelope shoulders = genius!

Aside from being a cute design aesthetic, envelope shoulders are highly functional. They’re designed to be able to pull the garment down baby’s body and past their legs. This way, when your baby has had a nasty accident (and trust me, there will be plenty of them!), you can avoid pulling the ‘mess’ over baby’s head. Genius.


H&M offers 5-Pack Body Suits with envelope shoulders – great value and a baby wardrobe essential!

Soft, gentle and organic fabrics are a must

Like us, babies sleep better when they feel comfy and cozy. Organic cotton is not just soft and gentle on a baby’s skin, because it’s grown without chemicals, it has fewer potential allergens – making the fabric even more simpatico with babies. While organic cotton is especially recommended for babies who suffer from eczema and other skin conditions, since it’s significantly more breathable than synthetic fabrics, we recommend organic cotton clothing for all babies.


H&M’s baby clothing range is mostly made from 100% organic cotton – and with their circular fashion program (where customers are incentivised to recycle their garments), H&M baby clothing is also a sustainable way to shop for your little one.

Once you’re across these basic baby clothing ingredients, you’ll be armed to take on what will likely be the biggest (and most wonderful) chapter of your life – with a bit less hassle. Good luck! We’re rooting for you!

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x H&M.

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