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Commercial or not, modern-day Easter has its upsides

Tori Bowman Johnson

Tori Bowman Johnson

Tori, a freelance writer, has worked in production, talent management & branding since her agency role at Vivien’s Model Management in Melbourne in 2011. Tori has recently launched, The First Word; a conversational podcast for women, particularly those who juggle young children & paid work. Tori is also a very proud mum of two little boys.
Created on Mar 28, 2024 · 6 mins read

Santa may be offline for a few months (that or he’s off on a poolside vacay somewhere with Mrs Clause - must be nice) but the Easter Bunny is about to hop on into town!

While our furry mate usually prepares for a Sunday morning brunch and a hunt, it now seems he’s setting up for a full-on, fanciful festival. 

Easter is seriously stepping up a notch. 

The hype has me thinking, has the April long weekend become the new Christmas? 

It feels a little different these days. While the quintessential gold Lindt bunny is still everywhere to be seen (thank goodness), it’s as though other brands are using the autumn holiday to inject a sense of bunny-shaped playfulness into their marketing. 

The cynics amongst us might be internally crying, ‘not another Hallmark holiday…” And fair enough, I can see why another gifting season could be your final capitalistic straw. 

But I for one am enjoying the elongated sense of Easter.

Whether you’re in it for the religious roots in spiritual resurrection or stick to the secular resurrection of family time and some much-needed rest – Easter has always felt like a moment of celebration. While gifting is typically reserved for birthdays and Christmas, as health and wellness become common family agendas, gifting alternatives to choccy eggs is quite the trend. 

Maybe Santa got into the Easter Bunny’s ear? You never know. 

The cost of living crisis isn’t exactly leaning favourably toward the idea of more gift-giving, so I’ve decided to use the Easter holiday as a way to prepare for winter. What do I mean? I’m glad you asked! 


How to do Easter gifting amidst ‘cozzie livs’

My boys will still find a few little eggs to pop in their basket, but I’ve decided to gift them both a few bits and bobs I’ll be buying anyway in time for winter. Weaving these items into a garden hunt will make for some fun.

Gifts I’m considering: 

  • New socks decorated in their favourite characters (hello Pikachu,  Spiderman and Lightning McQueen)
  • Some uggies for the chilly mornings ahead
  • Cuddly winter pyjamas
  • Perhaps new book for bed 
  • Call me a dork, but this year I’ll be throwing in a new toothbrush. I know, I know … it’s boring for adults. But it’s not boring for kids! Youth dental care these days is so fun. With the wide range of colours, patterns, textures and flavours available – I’m calling it; toothbrushes are the new age Gameboy. Move over Princess Peach, fluoride is coming through


Sneaking in some movement

On the topic of health and wellness, there seems to be a lot of yummies hanging around at Easter. When indulged in moderation, the culinary temptations are there to be enjoyed! Having said this, however, movement is another wonderful family activity to work into your holiday. 

Thoughts to explore: 

  • A classic egg and spoon race. Painting the eggs prior always adds a nice touch. Hint: Water-based paints are less toxic and can be easier to clean … you’re welcome 😉
  • A ‘bigger’, more expansive hunt that involves shoes and socks! Create clues or a little map and make it a family morning adventure. To add suspense and speed, get out your stopwatch! The first person to find 5 treasures doesn’t have to help with the dishes after dinner.
  • A nostalgic game of musical statues with a new rule; everyone has to hop like a bunny!

On the topic of hopping, if at the end of the day you feel like your kids have overindulged, just ask them to hop. Hop to the kitchen, hop to the bath, hop to bed! It’s all in the name of Easter. It’s all in the name of play.

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A time for goodness (not just the sugary kind)

It’s far from a secret that the world is a little dark right now. With this in mind, it’s quite lovely to observe people readying themselves for a jovial time. Butter-soaked hot cross buns, fluffy uggies, dorky but essential matching flannelette pyjamas, and a garden hunt come Sunday morning. Finding a sun ray when the clouds feel heavy is a goal worth chasing. 

Families and retailers are not the only ones playing into the Easter theme this year.  Spotify has released a whole bunch of Easter Kids playlists. They’re no Mariah Carey come December, but for anyone with car trips ahead, these are a holiday-appropriate distraction to keep up your sleeve. If all else fails, just blast Bill Wither’s Lovely Day to bring positive vibes. 

And trusty LEGO has introduced an adorable bunny (see here on our Easter Gift guide). For those who wind down by working on their fine motor skills or their capacity to problem solve (there is always one), I think this has to be your ticket. 

Enjoyment over aesthetics, always

To anyone who is freaking out about the expectation to make Easter Sunday an aesthetically pleasing Instagram reel, you’re absolutely not alone. Do yourself a favour and exhale the bunny-shaped stress! If it makes you feel any better, last year I used a plastic measuring cup for the egg hunt after totally forgotting about a cute whicker basket. See image for proof. 

Regardless of your family’s matching PJs (or lack thereof), the bunny ears at the dinner table, or the felt bunny tail temporarily attached to your child’s shoes, you are all they need. A big cuddle on the couch and a shared choccy or two always brings love. 

For me personally, my Easter agenda looks a little something this: 

  1. Allow myself (free of guilt) to indulge in something delicious. I feel something old school calling my name. Perhaps a classic Cadbury egg or all of the Turkish Delight’s in the Favourites box. I know, I know Turkish Delight makes me that person.
  2. Put my phone in a different room, get out a puzzle or two, and watch my four-year-old light up as we connect the dots
  3. Sit outside in the fresh air and nuzzle into a magazine, a book, or a crozzle
  4. Wear my slippers from dusk till dawn
  5. Convince my husband to wear slippers from dusk till dawn (not a chance but I’ll try)
  6. Enjoy a glass of wine with the friends I love

Regardless of how you look at Easter – through a religious lens, a vacation lens, or a party lens – try and use the break to rest and recoup. Invest in treasured time. Put your feet up. Relax.

And just like Christmas, allow yourself to celebrate.

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