5 tips for planning your little one’s holiday wardrobe

Viva Bianca

Viva Bianca

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Updated on Jun 14, 2024 · 4 mins read
5 tips for planning your little one’s holiday wardrobe

As parents, when it comes to any holiday season it’s exciting to be able to dress our little ones in adorable outfits for the occasion. Whether you like to go all-out on the theme dressing or you prefer a more subtle approach, H&M have your little one’s holiday wardrobe sorted. To help get you and your little one dressed and ready for any special occasion, we’ve come up with 5 tips for planning your little one’s holiday wardrobe…

1. Plan ahead

When you’re attending a social event, leaving your baby, toddler or child’s wardrobe to the morning of is never a good idea. Firstly, what if those leggings you had in mind to match that blouse are dirty? Or, if your toddler is going through a fussy phase, you don’t want to come face-to-face with them about their outfit an hour before you plan to leave the house for your event.

If your toddler or child has difficulty getting dressed in the morning (and we’ve all been there…!), try presenting them with 2 options the afternoon or evening before.

Too many options can overwhelm a toddler but providing them with a little bit of choice can empower them with some agency over their body and how they dress it. Negotiating and deciding on their outfit the night before your event should negate any drama the following morning.


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Once decided on, set aside your child’s clothes, perhaps even hang their outfit up in their closet or on display in their bedroom, and be clear in communicating to your child that ‘this is what you’ll be wearing tomorrow’.

2. Opt for play clothes over dressy clothes

When preparing for parties and events we can often feel cornered into dressing our baby, toddler or child in ‘dressy’ clothes that they would never otherwise wear. The problem is, if your child feels uncomfortable or foreign in their outfit, it may well impact their mood and behaviour throughout the day. After all, you can’t exactly expect them to be perched on display all day.

The other issue is that it’s at these parties and events that your child can often expect to get the messiest. From eating chocolate eggs, trying new or unfamiliar foods, sitting at a table they’ve never been seated at before – and not to mention running around and exploring a new place with cousins or other children – you can guarantee that fancy dress, tutu or bodysuit will get filthy.

Instead, dress your little one in comfortable play clothes which you don’t mind getting messy.

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H&M’s baby range is sustainable, comfortable and durable for play.

3. Embrace colour or prints

You wouldn’t be the first parent to want to dress your precious little angel in white. We’ve all done it. And regretted it. But trust us and thank us later. Avoid white, embrace prints and colours.

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4. Pack a spare change of clothes

You probably do this already when leaving the house. But when attending a special occasion it’s definitely a good idea to pack not 1, but 2 spare changes of clothing for your little one. They might smear chocolate all over their top, wear a spilt drink, an ice cream dribble, a toilet accident… because, you know… #fun, or even just some good old rough and tumble play outside. Whatever the case, be prepared to change your child more than once.

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5. Pack pyjamas

When we have a special occasion such as Easter or Christmas, these are days you can guarantee your little one’s routine will be interrupted – in some capacity. While we recommend being mindful of and honouring their awake windows where possible, it’s also ok to go with the flow a little and get back on track with their routine when you get home or finish hosting.

Therefore, because these events can tend to go for longer than we expect them to – let’s face it, sometimes they’re too fun to leave!, we recommend packing your little one’s PJs so that if you end up staying into the evening, you can dress your baby or child in their pyjamas, and transport them home (possibly asleep!) and straight to bed. They could even join in on bath time at your relative’s house before getting into their PJs!

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This means you can avoid having to do bath time and getting changed into PJs when you get home with a very sleepy (and possibly cranky) child… which will be the LAST thing any of you will want to do after a big day out…

Holidays and special occasions are a wonderful time for connecting with our little ones and catching up with extended families and friends. With a little bit of planning and a few helpful tips, you can relax and enjoy your long weekend – and enjoy having all the chocolate to yourself while your little one is still a bub!

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