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Little One’s nappies: Big on quality low on price



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Created on Oct 15, 2023 · 2 mins read
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Nappies are the unsung hero of parenthood. They’re there from day 1 and keep the sh*t from hitting the fan. Literally. But we never really give them much thought – until we run out of them (or there’s a dreaded 💩 explosion).

Woolworth’s range of Little One’s nappies offer up to 12 hours absorbency* to help your baby stay comfy and dry – which means they are big on quality but remain low on price. They’re also proudly made in Australia. These days, more than ever before, we know just how important it is to support local and keep Aussies in jobs.


As parents, we need to know the nappies we are using are not only reliable but are also economical – whilst also caring for your little one’s toosh.

Your baby will go through approximately 3,000 nappies in the first year alone. So you realise pretty quickly that they are one of the most important purchases you’ll make. And also one of (if not the most) frequent. So value for money is a must.

The new and improved Little One’s are the same nappies you know and love, with the same secure-fit stretchy waistband, super-absorbent core, soft and gentle elasticised leg cuffs, but they now also come with a super-soft breathable inner lining, easy to read size plus fit and wetness indicators to make your life even easier.


The nappies cater for little ones from day one, with sizes ranging from Newborn, Infant, Crawler, Toddler, Walker and Junior.

*Individual usage may vary as every baby is unique. Nappy changes are recommended at appropriate intervals throughout the day or night to suit your baby’s needs (including their health, diet & developmental milestones)

This is a paid partnership between Kiindred x Woolworths.

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