Why you shouldn’t get hung up on meeting milestones


Milestones are a funny thing, on the one hand, they’re a great source of excitement as you see your baby reaching them and revelling in the joy of seeing them learning and growing. On the other hand, however, they can also put unnecessary pressure on parents who feel like their baby should be walking, talking, sleeping, eating and pooping to a schedule! It’s just not realistic. 

We’ve all had that friend who loves telling us how their 2-year-old is fluent in French, can play the piano and is already counting to 100. *Cue the eye roll*

Guidelines are great to keep a rough idea of but getting hung up on hitting milestones is only going to be extra stress on your and your baby. This parenting thing is hard enough.

This is particularly the case for first-time parents, but as any parent of multiple little ones will tell you, they are all so different and will do everything in their own time – no matter how many books you read to them or how many extracurricular activities you enrol them in.

Go easy on yourself and your baby, enjoy the journey – there’s nothing like seeing your baby try and try and try something – and then the joy on their face when they finally get it! Don’t lose sight of the moments in front of you while you’re looking too far ahead.

Don’t worry about booking them into a million activities and classes, spend time with them, get out in nature with them and enjoy them just as they are.

Now that said, you should, of course, be somewhat aware of developmental milestones because there does come a point when if your child is not doing something you may want to speak with your doctor. However, as long as you are taking them to all their scheduled check-ups your doctor will be checking in and monitoring this too.

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